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Some Narrative Work

Hi! Glad you're here.

Here are some select scenes to give you a sense of my work.

A scene from the play Fashionistas

A scene in screenplay format.

Fashionistas - 8 pages

In the high reflective world of High Fashion, Echo finds herself in love with the unreachable Narcissus.

This was a writing test I was given for a narrative adventure game writing role. The characters and parameters of the story (as well as page length) were given. Parameters called for one choice at the end and an addendum describing how it might play out in the rest of the game. Of course, there would be dialogue choices along the way and opportunities for world exploration - but those weren't called for in this particular writing sample.

A scene from a musical

From my indie rock musical based on the life of Christopher McCandless, whose adventures led him off the grid and into the Alaska Wilderness. 

A short scene from my play Untold Crimes of Insomniacs

Two teenagers meet in a graveyard at night.

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